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Sunday, June 24, 2012


Because I wasn't very strong, we hiked as far as the river, then bedded down for the night in the sand. While Brad opened up camping mats for us to sleep on, Trevor carried a huge rock into the shallows of the river for me to sit on so I could cool off with my feet in the water. It felt so, so good to bathe my feet. My body-cooling was exponential. Trevor told everyone to turn their heads while he took a bath in the river. It was really dark, so he was fine stripping down - except that Brad was wearing a head lamp. Every time Trevor would talk, Brad would forget that he was in his birthday-suit and would turn his head toward him. "Daaaad!" then from Brad, "oops - sorry". They had us all in stitches. Trevor felt so refreshed after his skinny dipping that I decided to do the same. And yes - now I can say that I've skinny dipped at the bottom of the Grand Canyon :) But the problem was that I wasn't terribly strong, so I asked Azure to shield her eyes and let me hang on to her as she took me into the water. When I think about it know it makes me laugh out loud! She's a good daughter. She stayed by me through my dip and even walked me back. I was a new person after that. The river was only 45-48 degrees - but it was "just what the doctor ordered". By about 1am we were all quietly reclined on our mats (Trevor in his hammock). I never really slept that night - but I was so relaxed that I didn't even care. I'd lay with my eyes shut for a long time, then think, "what the heck - open your eyes" and I would look right up at the moon. Bright as a spotlight and gorgeous, it was! I'm sure I had little 10 minute catnaps, but somehow, when we got up a little after 5:00 - I felt ok.

I soaked again in the water (mostly clothed this time).

As we packed up I dipped my clothes in the water and we began our hike to Bright Angel Campground.

It wasn't far away, and there was drinkable water there and outhouses.

The "ladies room" was home to a little bat, so it made using the bathroom a little uncomfortable! We ate a hearty breakfast of smoked clams and granola bars, filled our tummies with water, then refilled the bottles, soaked my shirt again, then got on our way. It was about 7am when we started ascending.

It was cool - maybe in the mid-seventies. And we were in the shade. That, and the fact that we were walking right near the river for the first hour gave me and the whole family great confidence. Both that morning and the next, I knew I was in a race against the sun. The further I could get in the shade - before the sun peeked over, the further I could get. period. So I took off in front ... Trevor and Jace came along with me while everyone else sort of "strolled". Once we crossed the 2nd bridge, the family had caught up to us. It was a really pretty morning and we were all invigorated. My trepidation was all but gone. In the back of my mind I did harbor a bit of concern that I might not be able to get out in the next two days ... but now I knew that if I kept my clothes soaked, walked fast while there was shade, and kept my electrolytes in balance, I would eventually get out on my own two legs and we wouldn't have to call a helicopter in.

(to be continued)

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  1. wow - great pictures again. a these shoes the ones with the 'toes' in them? do you have toe socks or do you wear them with no socks?

    1. Hi Teresa - yes - they're the 5-toed shoes, and NO socks (one of the things I LOVE about them!) Best shoes ever!!