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Thursday, May 24, 2012

sympathy pains

We all know what they are ... and, at least for me, I usually associate sympathy pains with pregnancy. When I was in labor with my first child in Utah, my sister in Michigan had horrible stomach cramps. (let's don't get into the husbands-gaining-weight-during-preganancy-thing) So anyway, Brooke has been having contractions and dilating bit-by-bit off & on for a LONGGGGG time now - about a month. During this time I've had some little sympathy pains for her. I was with her for several days, went home for the weekend, then came back. While home for the weekend I was pulling into our garage and BAM - a contraction. It's true! At first I was "holy cow - what in the world?!" Here's the thing: lucky me, I think I'm at the glorious stage of life where there will be no more periods! So it took me a milli-second to realize this was some weird sort of sympathy pain. Just one contraction is all I had. Anyway - the past couple of weeks with Brooke I've had hot & cold flashes, upset tummy, fatigue, aching joints and cramps. Yes. Then last night I felt a little something above my lip. It was weird - a little pinchy sort of thing. I reached up and touched it and ... well, like I said, I'm at a new stage in life. So at first I didn't recognize it for what it was. A PIMPLE.

WHAT???? I haven't had a pimple for years! Right there, above my lip - identical to the location of Brooke's little zit from last week, a monstrous eruption was occurring. Ugh. I zipped into the bathroom and smothered it in toothpaste (something I read) and hit the sack. This morning it's a mere shadow of last night's horror ... but now my eyelid is sporting a new eruption. ENOUGH! Let's birth this baby!

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  1. Oh my goodness......that is a weird, cosmic (or whatever you want to call it) set of sympathy pains. Connections.
    She better have that baby fast eh.

  2. Oh Denalee, I will now be wondering who is ill, who has something wrong each time I have a pimple pop up. Unfortunately for me, I never outgrew having a pimple pop out once in awhile, especially under my chin. It's that or my family is always going through something..right? ;-)

    I do believe that with some things we do have a true connection. For my family, it's premonitions of major tragedy. I think I was being prepared for what was to come.