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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm not going to pay an extra $13

**Did you know you can fly from Las Vegas to Idaho Falls for forty-something-dollars INCLUDING taxes and fees? You can. It's crazy. Sometimes you can find an even cheaper fare - I once got a ticket for $19. But now the airlines are tacking on fees for everything. You know what I'm talking about: checked luggage, seat assignment, early boarding, food ... and now, even carry-on bags cost. So with the airline I recently flew on, I could carry one personal bag that will fit under the seat. I'd have to pay $13 to bring a carry-on. That would have increased my airfare by 20%. I couldn't bring myself to do it. So I crammed a TON of stuff into my personal bag (the one my sister gave me from Bath & Bodyworks a couple of years ago).

In that bag I fit: clothes for a week, a new baby blanket for Brooke's baby, little action figures for Gage, toiletries, my iPad, my purse, and two freshly baked loaves of bread. It's true. It all fit.
Oh yeah. And then I don't know what I was thinking when I got to the airport and bought a bottle of water. There was no where to put it. So I drank it all.

When I got to Brooke's and Steve's house and started to take things out it was like the bag threw up. Everything completely spilled out. But I did it! I saved my $13!
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  1. I'm exactly like you- it's so the principle of the matter- I can't believe the two loaves of bread- that's impressive!

  2. LOL - i can't believe that fit under your seat! i usually have to have something that zips closed or stuff spills out when it is is put under the seat or in the overhead cabinet.

    i think airlines are just milking us for money.

  3. I wish I was that good at packing... it's gonna cost me an extra $25 for a carry-on when I go to Tennessee in a month! I hate all of the extra fees and where do you find tickets for such low prices!! I'm paying well over $300! I want to know your secrets :)