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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I haven't held a giveaway for a LONG time and WOW - I've got the perfect giveaway to offer you next week! Take a little peaksie at this touching book compiled by Lia Collings, "Choosing Motherhood".

Whether you're a mother now, will someday be a mother, or have a mother ... this book will warm your heart. More on Lia's book next week.

Speaking of mothers, two of my daughters will soon be adding children to their families! Brooke & Caci are both expecting little girls and we are all so excited! I wanted to have about a million children (not really - I only wanted 13) for several reasons:
1- I love seeing how our genes mix and what comes out :)
2- Names. Naming babies is one of the most fun activities I can think of
3- I can't seem to get enough of children. And I mean children of all ages. I love snuggling little totally dependent bundles; I love the awkward toddle and attempts at speech; I love watching curiosity turn into knowledge; I love watching the sparkle of childhood wonderment turn into a sparkle of light and testimony; I love when my children still live at home but can compete with me on any subject while debating, finally beat me at chess and other games, and when their knowledge in many areas supersedes mine and I learn from them; I love watching my adult children succeed in life.

So anyway, regarding #2 - Names. The kids have picked out names for their little girls. And I love what they picked. Before I tell you what they are, what parents name their kids is interesting to me. And all the names in a particular family seem to "fit". I think my children's names are the best, of course:
Trevor, Brooke, Bryan, Sierra, Azure
They "go", right? We thought Azure was twin boys when I was pregnant and they would have been Jex & Race. (just a side note ... am I rambling?)

Trevor & Caci already have Jace and Cali.
Their new little girl due on Cali's 2nd Birthday (also my mother's birthday!) will be Kensington. Jace's full name is Christian Jace - he's 5 and all BOY. Cali, a little princess who is almost 2 is Cali Sephora . If you knew Caci you would know this name TOTALLY fits in their family. Cali will have to move over on the throne when Kensington Dior comes!

Brooke and Steven already have 2 1/2 year old Gage who sports the same middle name as his Dad: Harrison. He has such a pure voice that when he speaks he sounds like he's singing. But don't get me wrong - Gage can keep up with Jace in the rough-n-tough category. Brooke and Steve will be welcoming in beautiful little Kelle (no middle name) very, very soon. [Kelle - rhymes with Belle ... no ie sound at the end]

So, for me the passage of time is cool in many ways. One way is that when I think of "mother" I have a flood of feelings - more each day. I feel grateful, happy, and each passing day, more understanding and in total awe of my own mother. I feel INTENSE gratitude to be a mother. And I feel proud and humbled as I watch my daughters be mothers.

You [mothers] are the real builders of the nation wherever you live, for you have created homes of strength and peace and security. These become the very sinew of any nation.” Gordon B. Hinckley

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  1. Exciting times for your family! I also love choosing names--I only got to name 2 of our 4 children (since the oldest were adopted as older kids and were already attached to their names). Now my kids just are who they are whether I chose the monikers or not, and I love all of their names! (Tyce, Mary, Cameron and Harrison.) I love to find out what people name their kids. Kensington and Kelle will be lucky girls to have you for a grandma!

  2. All of your comments are so touching, inspiring and oh so true. Wish I had said that!!! I love motherhood and think of my mother most every day, although she has been gone for 34 years. She taught me so very much, including loving the beauties of nature; thus so many things bring remembrances of Mother.,
    How very happy we will be to have 2 more great-granddaughters -- no, make that 3 more as another is due the end of July. And then another great-grandchild in October, still a surprise as to the gender. That will give us 11 greats and 25 grandchildren! We LOVE family!