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Monday, March 5, 2012


So Brad and I celebrated our 30-year-wedding anniversary this past weekend and it was lovely! And I thought it would be great to make a mini-wedding cake (even though I'm not a cake decorator) and put our original cake topper on it. It took me an ENTIRE day. I am happy that I did it, but I don't have even the tiniest desire to ever decorate a cake again! Ugh.
The symbol for 30 years is PEARL, thus all the pearl candy on here. So anyway, I had some left-over stuff and my 14-year-old, Azure asked if she could use it. In about 20 minutes she created this:
I think this is proof that "some of us have it and some of us dont"! She's amazing.

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  1. WOW! Agreed, that girl has some serious cake design skills, it's lovely.
    Happy Happy Anniversary :)

  2. Oh My Word! And I thought that you had wonderful talent, then I looked at what Azure had done and am now proud of both of you!!! That is my privilege as I am your

    Mother & Grandmother

  3. Both of your cakes look great! Happy anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Love the cakes, and it is so nice you saved the top from your wedding.

  5. 30 years is such a wonderful amount of time to share together and I can imagine there was some serious celebrating in your family Denalee - congratulations!

    As for the cake decorating skills - both are fabulous!

    Biggest of happy hugs and jumping up & down waving from afar,

  6. That flower is fabulous! (And good enough to eat)


  7. Four things:
    1) Happy 30th anniversary!
    2) What an awesome idea to make a wedding cake for your anniversary--I seriously love it.
    3) Azure is pretty amazing.
    4) I saw you and Brad walking the dog on Racetrack this morning! Wanted to shout HI to you but I was driving too fast. :)

  8. fabulous! azure is quite talented. loved what you did with your cake, too. your topper is lovely.

    congratulations on 30 years! ron and i have been married 28 this year.

  9. Happy anniversary!! Your very attempt at making this cake PROVES the love you must have for your hubby. I think it turned out pretty dang good.

  10. Ahhh ha! Finally got the page loaded. You would think I was on dial up the way my air card behaves at the in-laws. Anyhew, lovely work, both of you! Azure is growing up so fast!