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Sunday, February 12, 2012

how to use up 30-seconds

Got 30-seconds but not 30-minutes? I've been loving engaging in online games with my sister who lives many hundred miles away:

I'm a lot better at real board games around the table, but still ... this is fun! We each take our turn when we've got a spare minute or two. What's really fun is when we find ourselves playing at the same time and then just keep going and going.
For me, this is the best use of my spare time when I've only got a few minutes. What do YOU do with your spare seconds?
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  1. What a fun way to stay connected!

  2. is that the same as 'words with friends'? it looks like
    lots of fun and a brain stretch, too!

    30 seconds? umm, that will always go to a book.

  3. what's the first game? i play words with friends (have an iPhone and on Facebook) but haven't seen the first one.

  4. Spare 30 seconds?

    I power nap.

    That said, I haven't had a nap in 11 years.

    Awesome way to stay connected, though. Bravo!

  5. I play online games with my sister! It's a blast! Oh, wait ... You ARE my sister! ;)

  6. I love words with friends! My sister-in-law (& best friend) lives on the other side of Australia and we play it a fair bit. I agree, I love it when we're both on at the same time and it goes back and forth, and you can message too so that makes it more fun!

    Rach x

  7. It's always fun to take a break and play a game!

  8. Hi Girlfriend, haven't heard from you for a while, and thought I'd stop & say hello & see how you are doing. Wow, I wish I had a sister, but two daughters oldest has 4 kids (too busy) & youngest has one child & is going to school to be a nurse & is doing on the job training I call it. She's so busy they haven't come in for their Christmas presents yet. Her husband is Vice Pres. of a computer company. My SIL works for Hallmark so she's much too busy. She's the one who puts up displays at four or five different stores & she's starting on Easter already. Sheesh. I'm doing fine. They found out the pain in my back is not my back, but a slipped disk or bone or whatever in my hip which being out of place is pinching a few nerves. So we see what we're going to do about that next visit 2/24 & the water retaining that my balloon legs & feet have had all these years got worse & made fire engine red boots on my skin turned out to be an infection in my blood instead. OH ALL THE JOYS OF HAVING PRACTICING PHYSICIANS. WISH I could find a REAL doctor instead of a physician that's still practicing. The dr. that found out about my hip was my pain control management dr. & the one that found out about my blood was my cardiologist. LOL Go figure. Okay bored you long enough. I think that's a great idea playing scrabble with your sister as if you were right there. What fun! Take care sweetie & stop by whenever you get a chance.