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Monday, January 16, 2012

His Hand

Have you ever had times in your life when an event occurs and all of a sudden your eyes are opened to see that it was many months or many years in the making? And you look back over decisions you made - one decision leading to another - that gives you the most wonderful outcome ever? And you had no idea when making some of those choices that they would lead you to the current incredible blessing?
I've had many of those eye-opening experiences. They have strengthened my belief that, if we allow, our Heavenly Father will direct us. And my testimony of His interest in each of us, individually, just gets stronger and stronger. It makes sense - after all, we ARE His children! Of course He would want the best for us and want to direct us - just like we want the best for our children and want to give them direction and guidance.
I really know that we have a loving Father who cares about our lives - the big things and the little. When I finally bend my will to His, great blessings come, among which is peace in my mind and in my heart.

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  1. Oh so true.....I have had to rely on my Faith this past year and I am so glad that I learned to try not to control and let God lead my down the needed paths....I become impatient.....I want a fix now and just when I feel that I have no idea what I am doing...blessings and prayers are answered!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful week sweet friend!!!

  2. O yes so true.....amen !! Praise the

  3. Yes, I have noticed how something that happened years ago has helped me now. It is wonderful to look back and see how God has led.

  4. yes, it is all entertwined... you know i met my husband on a blind date and married him 19 days later. that was in 1984 and look at us now! we've had our share (and then some lol!) of "things" happen to us but we've also had our share (and then some) of blessings as well. looking back, i wouldn't have changed much. maybe some decisions that we know (now) were not in our best interests but not a lot.