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Thursday, January 19, 2012

dream home room

Someday, when my husband builds our dream home, I want to have a library like the Beast gives to Belle:
If I can't have that, I want one like this couple's library that belongs to our family friends, the Kapps:
Today when some friends were visiting, one of the little boys was gazing at our bookshelves. When he asked me, "There are so many books here! Is this a library?", he made my day!

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  1. lol... hope your dream come true!!!

  2. I have given away many books in recent years and think I would still need more room than your friends have. (In fact I have helped start new libraries for a pastor, an college minister, and a small seminary in Africa.) I think the first option might work. ;-)

  3. I like how in the Victorian era people had library rooms. I would love one with a fireplace.

  4. that is so great! i love to have books available for people to read, too. our current (and next) place has no room for bookshelves so will have to content myself with those bookcases you put together.

  5. Your love of books is much like Mine.
    I would be in heaven with such an at home library.
    sooooo...The Kapps??
    do you know...or are they related to Judith Kapp?
    because...Judith Kapp (who has written some LDS books) grew up in southern Alberta, where I am from

  6. actually, I just remembered her name id Judith Kapp PERRY