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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

make a miracle

I was really inspired on Sunday
when I sat in on a class for the youth.
The teacher talked about how we should be inclusive of all - not limiting our lives to those we think are "important" or "popular". It was a great lesson.
Then she challenged the youth, and the challenge hit me, too - as something we should all do:
"make a miracle this week", she challenged.
"It doesn't have to be something big. Maybe just learn someone's name and say 'hi' each day; maybe smile at the shy student; maybe sit by someone who's alone."
I realized as she spoke, that the obvious miracles will be for the recipients of those kindly, small acts. But I believe the greater miracles will be what happens in the hearts and souls of the givers.
I've made it my goal to "make a miracle" every day this week.


  1. I LOVE THAT! This can even occur in your own home! Every miracle begins first in my heart: FAITH! I may've already shared this recent realization, that is, it only takes ONE THING to change EVERTYTHING.

  2. My resolution this month is to be thankful, and this is a great thing I can do. thanks!

  3. It is a lovely miracle when we make someone's day or life better by a smile or kindness.

  4. Beautiful! You never know how your actions might change someone else's life.

  5. This is such a fabulous message Denalee - thank you...I'll give it my best shot today!

  6. Just thinking about this making me smile-yes, let's make a miracle this week!

  7. a few years ago at work, i took the time to learn the name of the company cleaning lady. for christmas that year, i gave her a small token of appreciation for all the hard work she does. she has never forgotten it and not only does she look after my interests, she also looks after the interests of my children who work there.

  8. So nice goal and inspiring message!