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Monday, October 17, 2011


Guess What??!?!?!
Bryan received his mission call and I'm so excited to tell you all that he is going to the Philippines Quezon City North mission, leaving home on February 1st!
We enjoyed a fun-filled weekend together in Arizona celebrating Bryan, his goodness and his upcoming adventure .... Exciting clothing giveaway post coming up tomorrow! And don't forget there's still the Annie Henrie Art giveaway going on now


  1. Brilliant!
    2012 looks like it's going to be a gangbuster year for Bryan = fabulous!

    PS: Loving this fabulous family photo - do I spy some fairy floss [cotton candy] little fairy, AND killer heels? Too much goodness all rolled into one photo.

  2. Wonderful news! How amazing that he'll be able to make a difference there.

  3. I read a story by a girl who went on a year and a half mission to South America. It was inspiring. May God bless Bryan on his endeavor.

  4. How exciting!! Celebrate his goodness and upcoming adventure! He deserves it!!
    February will be here before you know it!

  5. Oh that is so awesome! Thank him for his service for me! And thank you for yours as well!

  6. Take one little teensy guess where I LIVE!!!!!!

  7. Wow! We are so excited for him. Kyle actually drives missionaries to the airport when they leave the MTC to go to their mission so he might see him.