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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

it hurts so good

There are some things that just hurt for no good reason.
Like a paper cut. YIKES - they hurt so bad.
And have you ever had a cardboard cut?

But some things hurt so good!
Like the day after a good hard hike or the day after beginning an exercise program. Those muscles hurt SO good.

Two things today hurt so good for me:
1- Last Christmas my kids gave me some gift certificates for Chinese full-body Reflexology massages. I used the last one today. I was home alone for the first time in a long time. Got my morning housework done followed my my income earning work. Then I thought: I could use a little pampering! Normally I don't know how much gifts given to me cost. But this I know: It's only $25 for a 1-hour massage. Depending on who does it, it's either soothing or a killer work out. Today was a work out.
I tell you! there are pressure points on my arms that are so sensitive I about go through the roof when the tiny little lady works her magic.
Oh man! It hurt SO GOOD.
2- My middle child, Bryan, just finished the paperwork for his mission. The Stake President submitted his paperwork to church headquarters last week - he should receive his call next week. Bryan (like all LDS missionaries) will be gone for 2 full years in the service of the Lord by serving other people. This is such a sweet time that it hurts. I'm so proud of Bryan, and so grateful for his goodness. But oh! how I'll miss my little guy. (little=19-yr-old)

to end this post ~ some things that hurt so BAD:
* child birth
* kicking the vacuum
* biting my tongue
* pimples that never mature
* hitting my head while climbing into the car
* dropping a weight on my foot


  1. I agree there is nothing quite like that feeling after a thorough workout... it does hurt SO good ;o)
    Massages are another one... it's been too long since I had one!
    Your boy looks a lovely young man and your obvious love and pride for him is beautiful :o)

  2. I definitely hear you about the workout, and congrats to your son on his new adventure!

  3. Good luck to Bryan :-) And yes those massages are amazing!

  4. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!! You are so right about the workout, it is wonderful and painful at the same time. Good luck to Bryan, you must be oh so proud!!

  5. I agree with all of your 'so bad and so good' hurts; I would add another one that hurts so good for me. That is to say goodbye to each child as they marry and move AWAY to begin their own lives together. I am happy for them -knowing the joys and trials they will have which will bond them as a family - but oh! how sad to no longer have that physical closeness of so many years.

  6. Oh my, it is hard to imagine Bryan is already mission-age! Best of luck to him- and you as the Mama :)

  7. I love this post. It is hard to miss a child, yet so good to be proud of them. Great topic.

  8. this is such a bullseye post! some things DO hurt
    so good. i pray for the Lord's protections of your
    sweet boy!

  9. yes on the pimples!! so annoying! why do they do that? just be a normal pimple.

  10. When I went to BlogHer, someone did a hand and arm massage and that just plain hurt me so BAD!!! I don't know what she was thinking, but she really bruised me!

  11. Good luck to your son and I super agree with this post. There are just simple to complicated things in life that hurt so good. And I believe that these things are part of what makes our journey in life colorful and meaningful :)

  12. So happy to find a new friend here, I'm new to blogging I lost my sister to cancer 11 months ago and blogging has helped me find some 20 lovely friends, now I'm happy as I have found you. Really enjoyed looking around your blog I will come and visit you again. If you find some time come and say hello and join my little sisterhood, I hope you have a lovely weekend

    Always Wendy

  13. Thank you for dropping by my blog. You are so inspiring and I so love that your son is going on a mission. Awesome. So love what you have done for your mother. Simply Beautiful! N x