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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

if I didn't have one then, I sure do now ...

I know, I know ... I should keep a bottle of advil or something in my car and in my travel bag. But I don't get all that many headaches anymore. So it's just not a staple in my belongings. But man! I ended up with a killer headache the other day when I was on the road. I bought one of those little packets of excedrin - knowing I'd need just one tiny pill to kill the pain.
Got back in the car and zipped to my appointment. While driving I tried to open the human-proof package. Got to a stop light and decided to use my teeth ... the light turned green and my temples started pulsating wildly.
Holy schmoly ... my headache was just getting worse by the second! Why do they make those dang things so hard to open? Got to the next stop light and I was back far enough in the line where I had time to take my keys and try to open it. Oh. My. HECK.
This shows how I felt right before walking into my appointment.
Upon entering, before introducing myself to the receptionist I begged a pair of scissors, cut it open right there and dropped the pill into my mouth - chugged a bottle of water, then, feeling the thrill of conquering, I entered the office.
(PS - all pictures taken AFTER the struggle!)


  1. Wow, what a hassle! I understand the need to child proof things, but so many times, I can't open them myself! I'm glad it worked out for you in the end.

  2. So "Amen" to all of that. It is especially annoying to be sneezing my head off and not be able to open the packet and push out that teeny-tiny allergy pill! Love the pictures!

  3. You need a pocketknife on your keychain. I have one of those keychains that splits in 2, and my knife is on the opposite side of the car keys. I have been known to cut all sorts of things while I'm driving. (And keeping my hands on the wheel & eyes on the road, of course!)

  4. I have a leatherman in my purse for that very reason! I thought it was just me!

    Hope it helped your killer headache!

  5. Love the pics! Oh man, I feel for you though!

  6. I think sometimes these things a designed to test your patience, I can picture some sadistic person developing ways to make it as hard as possible to open the packet

  7. I can relate to your experience. ;-) I think the problem with that packs not only become persistent in medicines, even in other "sachet products" too. I hope companies realize them.

  8. Oh this is hysterical - and I'm so glad you took pictures of it! So fun!

  9. You crack me up! I can't believe you had me laughing at your misfortune and pain.
    Here's a link to THE BEST little tool in the whole wide world - the Vitrinox . It's the size of a credit card, fits conveniently into your purse, has every little tool you could need and more and you can come to your own rescue [and others] like lightening.

    My only tip. Remember to take it out of your wallet before going to the airport. I've lost several through security because of the sharp things contained within it.

    Happy day Lovely,
    xx Felicity