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Thursday, September 1, 2011

fun to share

I was scrolling through some old pictures on the computer the other day. I feel like you, my blogging friends, are not just some unknown-something-out-there, but are really my friends. So, I'm sharing a part of my life with you.
I've worked some in the TV industry. I love it. I would love to do more of it.
(Sierra came to help with a taping for a show called "This Week In Vegas")
I started in television when I was 19. I worked at the Osmond Studio in Utah, first as a tour guide, then as a page for the Donny & Marie Show, then in commercial production. I worked my way from being a runner to working script & continuity, to being a casting director. I loved it.
A few years after moving to Alaska our family started a magazine-style show that the local station picked up. We produced that for a few years, then I started hosting a human-interest talk show there. It's called "Splash!" and is still being aired throughout Alaska. (I get to take occasional trips back up to make more shows)
After moving to Vegas and getting to know some great people here, I hosted one season of The Vegas Splash!. (you can watch past episodes here)
It was great fun! I got other opportunities with that production company here in Vegas and have loved every minute of it.
(This was at the Sahara - with Illusionist, Rick Thomas and his very beautiful tiger)
I'm currently not working in television production - but it's not because I don't want to. When the opportunity comes again, I'll be jumping right on board!
Tell me a little about you now ~ some tidbit I don't yet know. I'd love to turn this into a conversation with you!


  1. You worked in television? That must have been exciting. I once worked in television too but found it all too dull. lol. So changed to art.

  2. What a fabulous set of experiences! I have a degree in journalism, but most my experience is in print, my first love. I'd love the chance to branch out at some point, though!

  3. The fun you had sharing was almost as fun for me to read!

  4. That's pretty cool!
    You certainly have enogh charisma .. I've seen it in your videos! So easy to watch and listen to.

    I am currently working on a book....not as exciting as TV land, but it suits me! lol

    Ciao Bella...keep smiling.


  5. Hm, one thing you may not know about me is that I had quite an exciting life playing the French horn. I played in school, of course, but also in churches (our own, plus a Lutheran one occasionally). I loved that. In college I was invited to be in the marching band without an audition!

    That was a very fulfilling chapter of my life. I don't really want to reopen it but I look back on those days with fondness.