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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


All of a sudden I'm surrounded by people who are now living the simple life.
And it sounds SO appealing!
My brother and his family moved to the country in Missouri. They're on a bunch of acres, living the life our grandparents lived. They have cows and pigs and land.
My sister in law and her family recently moved to a place in Idaho with 26 acres. They have fruit trees and gardens and a porch to sit with family and sip lemonade.
I can totally hear the simple life calling to me! I'd love to climb a tree with a good paperback novel in my back pocket, find a perch - lean back and read and eat apples. I'm ready to head back in time and live as my grandparents did ... send the kids to trade with the neighbors - eggs for milk - and spend my mornings in the garden. Ahhhh ... it's definitely calling to me!
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
Leonardo da Vinci


  1. I'm craving this lifestyle so badly! My boyfriends parents live this lifestyle, and completely live off of their land. It's amazing and inspiring.

  2. i hear ya! moving to a small town (3500 people) has been the best thing we've done for ourselves in years. although we don't have land/acreage, we do have the simplicity and the friendliness of neighbors being neighborly.

  3. We were in Missouri this spring. My husband has been talking about moving there on a farm and working the land. It sounds good to me and then I look out at our small yard and realize I can't even keep up with the weeds in the garden, the apricots in the tree and the grass mowing. Perhaps if I didn't have to work elsewhere and just worked the land it would be OK.
    Would love to get to a simpler life.

  4. Love the da vinci quote. I would love, love, love to move to the country and adopt a simple lifestyle. irony is that my husband would too, but he loves his work, and his area of specialisation (robotics) only has jobs in the city! Maybe in a few decades when he retires. Or maybe one day we will be able to get a country house for weekends. Dreams, dreams!!

  5. You know....I have always considered myself a city girl!!!! But after this wreck of mine, I have been longing for the simple country life. Then you can truly LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I'm with you. Hoping to have some of that simple life soon.

  7. You are definitely not the only person interested in this. My mom and my sister keep having dreams where the whole family lives on a shared piece of land and is very sustainable. Now, I'm not sure how I'd feel living in close quarters with my sister and my mom, but I do think it's a lovely idea for those who pursue it!