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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Spray

I figure it's high time I share my happy spray recipe with you!
Several years ago my friend, Kris, introduced me to the addicting interest of essential oils. We played around with different recipes for different purposes and I'm still hooked. Through the years I've continued to use my homemade cleaning spray, dubbed "happy spray" because the oils used are not only antiseptic, but also mood-enhancing. So when someone in the house is mega-grumpy, the command to go clean something serves a dual purpose: The counter/shelf/cabinet gets cleaned AND the grump turns into a happy little sprite. (sometimes)
Anyway, here's my recipe:
several drops of lavender oil
even more drops of lemon oil
a few drops of orange oil
short stream of rosemary oil
a squirt of tea tree oil
and for the holidays: a couple (count them ... 2 or 3) drops of peppermint oil
The oil should sit comfortably in the bottom of your spray bottle - about 1/4" or so. Add water to fill the bottle, then use everywhere! When it gets lower than shown above, re-fill with water. It'll last a good long time.


  1. wonderful! I love essential oils, especially lavender and tangerine.

  2. This sounds FANTASTIC!!! Gah, I want to clean something :)

  3. OK. I made this and tried it, and I don't want you to feel bad, but I have to tell you that I think it tastes terrible. I'm gonna stick with chewing gum.

  4. I love essential oils so much I will try this, Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Smart!
    I wanna be a happy sprite!
    I'll try it!
    I think Whole Foods has these oils!
    Thank you!

  6. Yes, Leslie, Whole Foods should carry all these oils .. I usually buy my oils online because I can get the oils in larger quantities at good prices ... my advice to all, though, is don't go just by price - you want high quality. You know it's a place that sells quality oils when there's not a fixed price - that is, all oils, 5 ml = $7.00, etc. Some oils are expensive, some are less expensive. I LOVE essential oils and they really do have powerful properties as long as you get the real thing. Good luck everyone!

  7. Denalee,
    I've looked through your blog. I LOVE your hair short! I also love the color of your hair. It's good to see another woman keep her hair silver. :)

    You're a good daughter and we can tell how much you love your beautiful mother!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm YOUR newest follower!

  8. i love using essential oils for stuff like that. you can also put lavender in a sachet, throw it in the dryer with your clothes, and have them smell great. also, don't need dryer sheets that way.

    i used to make/sell lotions, sprays, soaps, etc. for several years until my daughter and grandson moved in. decided that i couldn't play with lye with a 2year old running around. i have a lot of original recipes somewhere in my files. {sigh} i should do something with them, and my soap-making instructions.

  9. I bet this smells amazing, I'll have to try it!

  10. I bought a similar blend of essential oils in a teeny tiny bottle from Aveda a few years ago. It cost a pretty penny but I loved it. Never occurred to me that I could make it myself. Duh! Thanks for the recipe!