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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Remember my ka-Ka-KABOOM post where I quoted C.S. Lewis telling us that when things go wrong they keep going wrong ... until finally they start to get better? Well, it's funny, isn't it ... how you think the downward spiral can't keep going, where you think you really must have reached the "darkest before the dawn" but somehow it still keeps getting darker ...

Last week all of a sudden C.S. Lewis came to mind. Everything started to turn and the stress began to fall off like old, grubby winter clothes that hadn't realized were weighing me down. The sun came out and everything began to blossom.
It all started with this post I read over at s & b. It gave me cause to think. To evaluate. To consider. I'm not sure what, if any, actions I took. But that very day everything started to change. And as C.S. Lewis said, ".... when things start going right, they often go on getting better and better."

Here's what's happened:
1. The car drama is coming to a close.
2. Employment has found its way into a loved one's life.
3. There seems to be "cheeriness" everywhere
And here's a gratitude thought: These things that are going right, and life getting better and better ... it's all because of earthly angels who are stepping in and giving. Truly, life is rich.

So if you're in the middle of a downward spiral, if it seems it can't get any darker ... I promise you it will. And when you start to emerge - be prepared.
Things will just keep getting better and better!


  1. I was just telling a friend this yesterday!!! God works His wonders in all sorts of ways.

  2. This post is amazing and very inspiring. I think I need to go check out the post that started it for you. Because we're having some struggles right now and I don't want things to keep getting worse!

  3. great post! i went and checked out S&B's post. also - very great post.

    definitely need the de-stressing around here to kick in. the stress level is not good.

  4. that's great you do this! I donated my hair to locks of love! I'm planning on doing it at some point soon! It's great :)

  5. this was such an encouraging post. i needed to hear this. thanks so much :)