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Thursday, June 23, 2011

a penny saved

So, we used to have a cute glass milk jar that we'd dump our change and loose bills in at the end of every day. This is money we'd save up for use at the end of the year. We called it our "Christmas Jar". Well, that worked quite well for a few years till a couple of family members got wise and began to regularly draw on those funds. So ... I'm guessing the guilty parties won't be reading this post because I'll show you a few of my favorite little hiding places:
This is similar to our orignal Christmas Jar ... just smaller ... but it's a little too obvious, so I camaflauge it amongst other cool bookshelf decorations:
This would be easy to dip from, but it's on the highest shelf and so unless one is 7 feet tall, he wouldn't be able to see that it contains mula.
I've also made use of the many pieces of pottery my kids made when in grade school ... So everyone in the family thinks I'm proudly displaying their childhood art, when in reality, I'm a secret cash hoarder.


  1. I do the exact same thing but hide in the laundry room! away from prying fingers.

  2. I too am guilty of steeling from the Christmas jar.

  3. love this idea, and i love your sweet blog! thank you so much for visiting mine and your lovely comment. i just watched the video about creating a wig for your mother and was so touched!