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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Risks & Rewards

This week's posts will be all about taking chances in life.
For a long time, jumping out of an airplane has been on my bucket list.
I have flying dreams all the time and have been so excited to really do it! So although I sort of "fell" out of the plane rather than jumping, it was still a great adventure. I won't lie to you: I had a split second of fright at the beginning of the fall ... but only a split second.
The rest was total thrill. TOTAL.
"Do one thing every day that scares you."
Eleanor Roosevelt

What risk will you take this week?


  1. Oh AMAZING. Gotta say, not on my bucket list :) but I wonder what I could do that scares me...

  2. wow Denalee, you sure are an adventurous soul!

    Have a lovely day


  3. OMG insane - i'm TERRIFIED of heights - never can do it!

  4. Awesome. I love sky diving! Congratulations on crossing something else off your bucket list.

  5. You are so cool !!!!

  6. WOW! amazing photos!!! you are far more brave than i will ever be... :)

  7. YIKES! But where is Yayoi? Did she ever get down?
    You are way braver than I would ever be!

  8. That is so cool, Denalee...I don't know if I could get over my fear to enjoy the thrill. I love that first picture! How do you look so good free-falling? I'm pretty sure my cheeks would be flapping and my eyes sqeezed shut in terror. LOL

  9. Oh my Goodness!!! Good for you!!!! Love the pics! You are def. brave in my book :)
    Happy Monday
    gi gi

  10. Wow..this is incredible! You are truly amazing, sweetie. happy Tuesday, kisses

  11. OMGosh! Look at you! I have to hand it to you for the bravery. I won't be doing anything riskier than wearing white shoes before Memorial Day.

  12. i now have a new respect for you. awesome.

  13. I go away for a few weeks and come back to you at the bottom of the ocean and flying through the air. Oy!

    What risk will I take this week?
    Reading your blog!!

  14. You are ONE very brave lady!! YOU go girl!! :)

    IT is so great how you are working both sides of the brain!! Awesome!

    Have a wonderful day!
    xoxo Gloria