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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


On Sunday I attended a class discussion about charity. I learned a couple of really important things: charity is a gift. We know that, but I think that sometimes we believe (at least, I do) that we can develop charity just by practicing it. But it is truly a gift - a gift bestowed on us even though we are undeserving. I think often we think that having charity is a gift we give to others ... But in reality, even though charity on our part helps others, charity is something that heals us, protects us, purifies us. A very wise comment was made and it went something like this: there are people in this world that are just plain mean. Honestly mean. When we are treated poorly by a person like that, but are able to bind our tongues and even feel peace in our hearts, that is a gift from a loving Heavenly Father - a gift that can be bestowed by our asking for it in prayer.

This was great food for thought for me.

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  1. What a lovely post!! I could not agree more, how can one expect to be helped when they are down if they don't help others all the time?!

    BTW I always ment to ask you, I noticed you write with your IPad and I have really wanted to get one, any reviews?
    Thanks!! xo

  2. Great post Denalee. there a couple of hyms we sing at church about charity and they alwasy bring tears to my eyes

  3. charity...a good thing...a VALUABLE thing to learn.

  4. Fabulous! Thank you for sharing! I was just thinking last night how I need to be more charitable and why they heck am I so stingy all the time. This needs to change, stat!

  5. What a great thought. I believe this to be true.

  6. I love this post! For Lent, rather than giving up something typical like chocolate, I decided that I would donate to every request that came my way. It's made me so much more aware! Shopping at Whole Foods, and with the disasters in Japan, there's been a lot of requests, but it's such a 'win-win' experience :)