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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life's Puzzle

I'm working on some books. Writing some books, that is. For my posterity. One of them is called "Press Forward" and chronicles some of my life experiences and the lessons I'm learning from them. I was thinking today about one of the paragraphs, and want to share it with you now.
Everyone who has put together a puzzle knows that the individual pieces seldom resemble the actual picture. In fact, without a picture of the completed puzzle, it's really hard to put the pieces together. Yet each piece is vital to the completion of the puzzle. Any piece that gets dropped off the table and kicked under the couch keeps the puzzle incomplete. Our lives, and specifically our trials, are just like those puzzle pieces. As difficult as any given trial is, it is still essential to the completed picture. We can't just toss the really hard ones aside. Each one is a vital part of the whole. Just like we have the box of the puzzle to show us the completed puzzle picture, we have scriptures, prayer, people we trust - to show us our completed picture. It is extremely important that we keep that picture in view, or eternal perspective, when we're in the midst of a trial. That is how we hang on to the puzzle piece and are eventually able to place it in the big picture. It is a carefully organized group of puzzle pieces that create the final picture. Heavenly Father is acutely aware of each of our personal puzzles. He sees vividly the finished picture, and He knows the significance of each piece. He also knows that if we were given all the pieces at once, not only would it be overwhelming, but we wouldn't be able to develop that faith that is essential to our eternal progression. We are given just a piece at a time. "Line upon line ..." applies to trials as much as to learning. Bit by bit we are allowed trials to help us grow. And with each piece that is placed in the puzzle, the picture becomes clearer. The time will come when we will all have completed pictures and we will see the wisdom in our pieces being specific to us. I think we will be amazed at the beauty of those pictures and maybe surprised at how the more difficult pieces created the most beauty.


  1. Very beautiful and so true, my dear

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  2. What a beautiful post and all so very true!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. very very nice post. Funny, cause this past winter my hubby and I have put 3 puzzles together (we are retired and live in the country) and always ALWAYS end up loosing a piece or two.

    also,the symbolism is great here.....I lost a son this past November and it has rocked my world and my faith somewhat. I keep thinking on the many many MANY prayers offered up on his behalf (regarding alcohol and drug abuse) and My PLEADINGS...YES>...PLEADINGS...with the Lord to make him well........the preisthood blessings, the fasting, the temple prayer lists........all for naught. He died. I HATE THAT.
    It is definetly a piece of the puzzle that I dont' understand.
    but I KNOW the LORD see the whole puzzle, and someday perhaps I will too.

  4. This is very thought provoking and beautiful. Nicely written. And I feel for Wendy. ^^^^

  5. well, if that paragraph is an indication of the book,
    you have a bestseller on your hands!

    i certain that the difficult pieces end up being the
    most beautiful parts of the final puzzle.

  6. This is beautifully written and so true! Quite often I would like to cast aside the pieces that don't seem to fit in with my plan.