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Monday, October 11, 2010

make a wish monday

This weekend I got to help out at the
event in Las Vegas.
This is a great event that not only benefits the NV Childhood Cancer Foundation
but also gives kids with life-threatening illnesses an opportunity to be showcased.
They each get a chance to run around the baseball diamond with someone special to them.
Included in the "special" helpers were Pirates from Treasure Island, the UNLV cheerleaders, Donny Osmond, lots of parents and friends, the kids' doctors....
(yup - I got to interview Donny Osmond! {just ask my kids how many times in the last 2 day's I've said, "guess what kids? I interviewed Donny!"} Anyway, having worked at the Osmond Studio about a million years ago, interviewing Donny and Marie has been on my bucket list for years. Yay for me!)
There were over 2,000 people participating and cheering these kids on.
What a great community!
Anyway, my wish today is to be more involved with NV Childhood Cancer Foundation.
So I've contacted them about volunteer opportunities and am going to get on the bone marrow registry this week. I'm so excited.
I know there are good causes everywhere - so many, it's hard to choose who to join forces with!
Tell me about some of the things you volunteer for ... I'd love to hear!


  1. Ohh that is so wonderful....and what a sweet post:) Have a great Monday,sweetie

  2. That is awesome Denalee!!!! You sure know how to spread love and joy.

    This weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer at a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Foundation!!!!

    Much Love xxoo

  3. My husband is on the bone marrow donor registry as well. Wonderful cause. Congrat's on the Donny interview and finding a cause that works for you. It's true, there are so many out there sometimes it's hard to figure out where to give your time but I think you know when you make the connection. I always love volunteering at the Special Olympics. There is so much joy.

  4. This is so amazing D thanks so much for sharing, it is inspiring and true!

  5. I'd volunteer to wipe the sweat off Donny's brow during his concert at the Flamingo.
    I went to their show a couple of years ago....and was up close and personal to the stage. I touched his pant leg as he was running through the crowd. I had so much fun!!!

    but seriously, you are right about there being so many good causes to volunteer for. I guess the point is to at least volunteer......

    Good On Ya (that is what my son always said, he picked it up from his mission in New Zealand)

  6. donny osmond... you go woman! :) xo.

  7. What a wonderful post and congrats to you for the Donny Osmond interview too! I agree sometimes all the competing good causes makes it hard to choose (not a bad thing :)). I've always enjoyed Reading for the Blind.

  8. I was reading this...crying....then I got to the Donny photo and I literally stared with my mouth hanging open. Seriosuly, I could have caught flies with that open trap.