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Sunday, October 3, 2010

make a wish monday: KEVIN HALL on Silver Strands

Kevin Hall, master of words, is also the author of Amazon's most reviewed book:
Here's what he has to say about Silver Strands:
Which brings me to my wish today.
You know when you're excited, but you don't know why?
That's the feeling I get when I'm really living life in crescendo, as Kevin Hall describes.
It's my wish that we all not only experience that this week,
but that we make it a habit and this week of living in crescendo creates a fabulous month.


  1. You know everyone! He seems like a great, great guy.

  2. You are a wonderful amazing girl......i love you!!....happy new week Ria....

  3. The sky is blue, it's a crisp autumn morning here and I'm looking forward to the week. Good morning Monday!

  4. He is amazing...Happy Monday, my dear
    Have a great start to the week:)

  5. What wonderful inspiration for Monday, thank you so much! I love the crescendo idea, and look forward to seeing that in my week - hope your's is crescendo-filled!

  6. How amazing and powerful! Isn't it lovely that your message is so easily received??? I think that in itself gives me hope.

  7. Love this. You amaze me, Denalee! Who don't you know?