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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My family has taught me that the cure for any ill is gratitude.
It's true. Any ill ... heartache, regret, frustration, physical illness, loss ....
Just this past weekend, God's spokesman for the world,
"To express gratitude is gracious and honorable,
To enact gratitude is generous and noble,
But to live with gratitude ever in our hearts
is to touch heaven."
Today I am grateful there is a prophet on the earth to remind me of this. I am LDS, or Mormon. We are Christians, and we believe in continuing revelation. I embrace my blogging friends of all faiths and those with no faith. I believe we are all brothers and sisters on this earth to lift each other and enjoy life together. I hope this post hasn't offended anyone, and I hope you feel my gratitude for each of you.


  1. That is beautiful..You are such an inspiration. Hugs,sweetie

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  2. I believe in gratitude always, and also love this post - thank you, as usual, for the inspiration! Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday :)

  3. Gratitude is so important...with thanksgiving just around the corner, this is a time to smile and count your blessings...great quote
    Happy Day on Rosie

  4. how could anyone be offended by expressions
    of gratitude? i love it when someone just states
    what they believe.

    i always think, "won't we be surprised to see
    who is in heaven."

  5. I believe that God loves all, and he has chosen you to be an inspiration.

    Thank you and God Bless.

  6. thanks for sharing this! i am a Christian! you do understand more deeply and feel more with gratitude!

  7. Well said! Love this post. I am a Christian too!

  8. Do I have a faith - well guess I have on paper. But what is more important - I have faith in a lot of people surrounding me and they inspire me to share what I can, even if the recipients are strangers - my way of passing that gratitude forward.

  9. Oh my friend want a beautiful post! I agree we are all brothers and sisters and the only thing that differs is where on this beautiful earth we are able to call home for now. For one day we will all live in the same home... Hugs ..HHL

  10. Beautiful words, thank you :-)

  11. I sure needed this one today!!!! What wonderful words to live by!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. Totally awesome! I love it when women (and men) of all faiths can come together and realize there is more out there than just "us".

  13. That was a great talk. He was clearly moved by it too.

  14. I think our lives would be pretty emply if we had no gratitude....and always lived in a state of WANT.
    I too am LDS..... I moved from SLC 1 1/2 years ago and miss being able to watch conference on tv.
    Hearing it is much better then reading the talks in the Ensign.
    but, I will always try to remember to be grateful

  15. I think living in gratitude is the best and only way to live.

  16. Many things don't make me tear up, but I hope we can be new friends. I admire you so much! What a wonderful to do for your mother. She looks wonderful with the wig. Your post/video has warmed my heart tremendously, and the only sad thing is it made me miss my own Mom. I lost her in 2006. She had Breast Cancer when I was 11, and she beat it. She was 84 when she passed in her sleep. I'm your latest follower. Nice to meet you. Cheeseboy told me about your blog.

  17. Oh Denalee ~ Beautiful. I am so thankful you are my friend and my sister in Christ.

  18. I am not LDS, I belong to Nampa First Christian Church. I do have members of my family who are Mormon. It was hard for me at first, I think we almost always fear what we do not understand. No matter what we call ourself, we are hear on earth to love each other, and God takes care of us all.
    God knows our heart. I am so glad to have found you...The Father his son and the Holly Spirit, Love Mary