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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Big Bummer

Anyone else feel a huge let-down when someone stops following your site?
It feels so personal!
Or maybe none of you have anyone quit following.
It's happened a few times and I feel like I felt in 3rd grade when the popular girls all gathered at the playground in a tight circle that obviously excluded me.
Pathetic, isn't it!
I'll get over it.
But know this:
I feel a friendship with all of you!
You know how there are friends you don't talk to in ages, but when you see each other again, you pick up right where you left off? Well, I may not hear from you, or I may not comment on your blog ... time may pass before we actually "talk" again. But it feels like the friendship continues. Thanks for being my blog friends!


  1. D, it does feel ugly... but some times people stop following because they stop blogging... anyways we love your blog and the ones that leave miss out on the inspiration! Love you!

  2. We all love you,sweetie...and I get so inspired each time I read your posts:)

  3. Oh I'm sure it has happened to me as my mother tells me my numbers went down or something (she watches everything). Don't give it another thought. I have unfollowed some blogs that I find don't connect with anymore - just to keep my list more manageable. Plus, it just makes room for someone else. There is no circle and even if there were, you are always welcome in mine sweet lady.

  4. Hi. Thanks so much for stoppling by my blog to say hi. Lovely to see someone new leaving a comment. I know what you mean about losing a follower - I felt so rejected when it happened to me a while back! Still, we can't please all of the people all of the time eh!

    And now I've taken a look at your blog and watched your little movie. What a wonderful loving idea that you've given your mum. And you short hair (just like mine) suits you so much too.

    My mum has been fighting cancer for the past 5 years. Last week the chemo therapy was stopped as it has not worked this time around. A difficult and emotional time awaits us now. She has battled so hard and been so strong. Sending very best wishes for your mum for a full recover. Be strong.

  5. Oh, it's happened to me before, it is a downer! Don't take it personally, you have a great blog!

  6. I never second every word from everton terrace. Don't worry, you'll get new people!!

  7. It does always hurt my feelings when someone stops following...but then I wonder if they are taking a break from blogging, or have subscribed to my blog via email, or if they weren't reading my posts anyway. Regardless, it is silly to feel disappointed and I try to remind myself that blogging isn't a popularity contest. And sometimes, that even helps...a little.


  8. Hello Denalee! Oh gosh hon...been there done that...and I have very few followers so it really hurts when someone drops or when they stop by and don't take the time to leave some love. Your blog is awesome, uplifting and inspiring. I know myself, I have not been blogging for almost a month as I have had some personal issues that have kept me from doing the things I love. Hang in there Denalee...your blog is awesome and we do enjoy your posts!


  9. Denalee, I know this has happened to me and at first I felt so let down, and even asked a certain person if I had offended them in any way.

    Now I don't really check the numbers, I am so grateful to all of my followers and I follow as many and comment as often as I possibly can.

    Just know how truly special you are!

    Art by Karena

  10. yep. upsets me too! i may not get here often, but i will NOT stop following you. hey! i do have to drop in now & then just to see your gorgeous face!!!

    hope you are well.

    hugs :)

  11. It's hard not to take it personal, but I'm like you - it still stings a bit

  12. I know exactly how you feel Denalee it has happened to me before and for some reason it feels as though a little piece of my heart breaks off along with them.

    I treasure each and every one of my blogging friedns and I try so hard to make all of them feel appreciated. Soem times we just can't.

    Don't worry we all love you very much!!!!

  13. I be there for you !! are also my lovely blogfriend Ria....

  14. : ( I AM STILL HERE : ) !!! I keep getting down to 80 then 81 then 80 then now i am at 81 LOL ...not sure if that person is deciding if they like me or not LOL! I WILL Forever follow ya!!!!!
    CHEERS to a better Tuesday!

  15. I know exactly what you mean about not having to say hi every single day with a friend, but you can pick up where you left off at when you do talk! My best friend and I now live an hour and a half away from each other, but when we get to talk or see each other we can hug and pick up right where we left off!
    (((((Denalee))))) hugs to you for a happy day!
    xoxo Gloria @}~`}~~~

  16. :( ..Oh Denalee ... I know how you feel ..its happened to me a couple of times. And I certainly agree with you that sometimes we may not comment - but been by for a visit ~ other times depending on what is going on in both lives you will speak daily (click on a key board- email) or more often ... Know that you inspire me and certainly many others ... So your stuck with us ... wishing you a wonderful day and sending you lots of hugs .... xo HHL

  17. I don't think its so much about numbers but the quality of who you have!!

  18. Oh don't feel that way sweetie! We all love you. It's not a personal attack on you, trust me. It could be something as simple as that person doesn't have time for blogging anymore. Don't worry, love xoxo

  19. Yes. Alas even I have had people stop following the Cheeseboy. It hurts. It stings. And then I figure they were not a real follower in the first place.

  20. I have lost followers. I have driven myself crazy trying to figure out why.

    "What did I say? How can they not love me anymore? Why? Why? Why?"

    Then I turned the other cheek. Yep, the nasty cheek.

    "What's wrong with these un-follower people? Do they not realize how funny I am?"

    Finally, reality set in.

    "I seriously need therapy and a life."

    So, to answer your question, I have no idea how you feel. :-)

  21. Happens to me all the time, same on Twitter. I think it leaves more room for new followers that vibe better with your message.

  22. I saw this in my Google reader and headed over to say -'I'm still following'. I don't bother about people unfollowing (is that a word?)'coz it's just a number. Your true blogging friends will visit anyway!

  23. blog friends are the greatest :) :)

  24. I know that feeling - but guess what - you've just gained a NEW follower!

    Your story is so inspiring!


  25. Well, if it makes you feel better, I just started following you.

  26. Bleh, I hate when that happens! Although I tell myself that I'd rather have people reading my blog because they like it and not just for the obligation. So I try to just brush it off.

  27. ugh. nothing worse than feeling like a loser.

    but we all love your blog, so don't worry!

  28. We go up and down on a daily basis. I guess we're forever offending people? HA!

  29. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet words. Loving yours as well- you are gorgeous!

    My followers go up and down every single day- sometimes I think it might be a glitch with blogger or when someone decides to go private their profiles become so as well, therefore they don't show up on your list anymore. Either way, your blog is beautiful and you have so many wonderful readers!

    Excited to be your newest follower :)
    Hugs xo Annemarie

  30. Aw, I know it might be hard to not take personally, but could be as simple as someone deciding not to blog anymore, or not wanting to deal with GFC & using other subscribe options (and with all the darn trouble Blogger is giving me these days, haha, perhaps I'm headed that way ;)). Your blog is lovely and inspiring!