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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stroll With Me

Happy Thursday everyone!
You may or may not remember that Thursday is my PJ day ... (have you scheduled in a PJ day yet?). So stroll with me now thru my day ...
Yep ... I read in bed. That happens to be Loa's "All Health's Breaking Loose" book.
Proof that my husband is near ... He collects little goodies throughout his day, like this piece of cholla wood.
PJ day means there's time to pamper myself .. This will include a spa treatment from NuSkin's miraculous galvanic spa (wanna hear more? Just ask me)
Part of my day will be spent in this chair with my book....
Unfortunately I'll have to do a little work today ... Packing for next week's business trip ...
Then back to the couch for some more r&r while visiting with loved ones on the phone.
What's on your platter today?

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  1. It's nearing the end of the day for me, but after work I'm looking forward to gym followed by pasta and a movie. A little mid-week indulgence to get me through until the weekend.

  2. Ohhhhhhh PJ day is perfect!!!! I will have to schedule one for myself next week...

    Toady my platter is appointment, laundry, soccer practice with two little boys and packing for a crop on Friday!!! Whew, I am tired just typing this all!!!


  3. I'm already out of my PJ' - blasted.
    Trip to the post office, jewelry, the usual. Also have to start getting ready for a trip I'm taking next week as well.

  4. I dit nothing today......the whole day relaxing and nothing......dream on Ria.....hahahhaha!!...I got all records things so boring, but it had to happen now we going out for dinner....go girl have fun !!! love love love Ria.....

  5. I need to plan a PJ day...I love that idea...I am hard at work today...I have a deadline tomorrow...:)
    Kisses,sweetie pie

  6. I'm still in PJs myself.. its noon here, in my corner of the world.... its rainy, damp outside ~ so I'm catching up on emails, and blogs and tryingto get soem writing done. But I need to schedule a real PJ day with only liesure reading and relaxing. Enjoy your day my friend!!!.. XO HHL

  7. Oh Denalee I wish I was spending the day with you!!! Sounds wonderful.

    Today I am having people over for dinner after work!!!! I am soo excited. I love to entertain, there is a great sense of satisfaction that comes with feeding loved ones.

  8. You are brilliant! I love this post!

  9. wish that was on my relaxing!!!!! love your toe polish color : )

    Hoping to catch up here at the office...then get a early night in!


  10. I am enjoying the sunshine and just went to lunch with my mother :)

    Your day looks wonderful!

  11. That sounds heavenly! Hope you enjoyed every second :) I want to hear more about the beauty products!!!!

  12. Hooray for PJ day, just got back from a business trip myself, so hope yours goes well! Love these sweet images (so sweet your husband collected that wood piece!)

  13. What a perfect day! I have worked for the last 20+ days in a row. I seriously need a PJ day. I just hope it's not in a padded cell.

  14. Sunday at 2:22, still in my pj's (by accident)!!!