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Monday, August 30, 2010

make a wish monday

This week I wish for enough energy at the end of each day to read.
My goal is to read every single CLASSIC that I have in my library.
Do you read the classics? What's your favorite?
Will you share with me your wish for this Monday?


  1. What a great wish! It's been too long since I read the classics. Wishing for the energy to face another move again.

  2. Admirable goal! I set out to read the Iliad and the Odyssey one summer - whew it was a long one. My wish for this Monday is to help bring comfort to someone I know is having a bit of trouble today.

  3. I wish this week to be filled with music

  4. My wish this week would be along the lines of reading also...but it involves a book I have now had for 6 weeks from the library. I started reading it a week ago and have been unable to put it down. So I will finish it this week! The book is "ALICIA, My Story". It is an amazing journey of a teenager who is the only survivor of her family during not only the Nazi invasion of her country but also survives the occupation of the Russians.
    It makes me thank the good Lord every day for my life and problems.
    Enjoy your day Denalee!

  5. I adore classics!!! I can't tell you how many times i have read Black Beauty and Anne of Green Gables.

    My wish this Monday is for the wellfare of these adorable children who I saw a photo of this weekend. They live on a tiny Island near the equator and are poor beyond belief. Even so, they smile as though they hold the secret to happiness in their tiny hands.

    Happy Monday Denalee. Love you xxoo

  6. ohhh.. My wish this monday is to be at peace. To have a happy week as we get back into the "back to school" routine.
    Shouldn't be to hard.
    Have a great Monday.

  7. Reading the classics is not something I normally do - I have this thing for new books, I don't know what it's about. However, I stumbled upon the complete anthology of Sherlock Holmes stories/novels and I've been reading that and really enjoying it! He's such an interesting character - really funny and smart, but quirky and odd at the same time. The stories are 150 yrs old but still suspenseful!

  8. I wish I can finish all m work today :)
    Happy Monday!

  9. I love to read the classics, I recently finished Pride and Prejudice and I loved it. I'd love to have a wonderful collection of classic books.

    My wish this week?...hmmm, I wish that my family and friends feel as loved by me as I feel loved by them...I am blessed, truly blessed!


  10. I wish it was a very nice quiet week will be without scary things and Ria.........

  11. Oh that is a tough one to decide. It might be a toss up between Vanity Fair and East of Eden.
    My Monday wish? That is was Tuesday. Hey, that one might come true soon ; )

  12. I haven't read many classic lately .. but I loved Pride and Prejudice ... My Monday wish is for a great autumn ... may the weather not be too cool.. HHL

  13. I'd tell you but then it might not come true!! xo

  14. That is a great goal! My fave is Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.

  15. I wish for love and peace! I just found your blog, it is beautiful!