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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Make A Wish Monday

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Mine included joining up with family for my granddaughter's blessing (I'm LDS ... A baby blessing is something like a christening) ... Which leads me to my wish this Monday:
I wish to someday own acres and acres of land with lots of little cottages on it where our entire family will gather often. We'll play a whole lot outdoors (truth be told, I'm terrible at any sneaking, hiding or sleuthing night games cuz I get so scared I laugh uncontrollably), then spend the cold months inside playing board games, card games and snuggling. It's usually right here where I tell you how I'll help this happen ...
But this week it's FREE wishes.
We just get to wish, and daydream and not do a bit of work toward making it happen :).
So, I gotta know: what's your wish this Monday?

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  1. I wish for a beautiful baby to grace my uterus. (just want to be real specific on my wish)


  2. My wish is that all my children and Granchildren find happiness in all that they do.

  3. I wish for a big roast dinner with my whole family together

  4. I wish that my mother's feet to heal ... and they restored everything ......

    Happy new week Ria..........

  5. Oh, I love this - especially today. Had an unexpected weekend, but everything turned out surprisingly perfect. My wish for us all is to have a surprisingly perfect week!

  6. I think I'd wish to own a big animal sanctuary out in the country somewhere. My husband and parents would run it (with me of course)and my daughter would live somewhere on the property and my as of now, imaginary, grandchildren would run around and learn to care and heal all the animals. Well, you know if you're going to dream, dream big.

  7. Beautiful wish Denalee. It sounds liek a lovely weekend.

    My wish this Monday is to bring joy to as many people as possible. Too often I let chances to touch someones life pass by. Not this week!

    Happy Monday!! Love you


  8. Glad you liked the quote, I think it really brings you back to focus. I wish that my inlaws have a great time visiting their daughter, son-in-law and grandkids overseas, which they haven't seen in a year!

  9. My wish for this Monday is for a life full of happiness and love with my brand new husband! Happy Monday to you!

  10. Hey pretty girl! I'm still wishing to sell our house!!!!!! Wishing for the perfect buyers to come soon!!!! hugs.... xOxO

  11. That's an awesome picture!!! I love it!

    I'm wishing to actually get caught up on everything I'm behind on!! :)

  12. your wish sounds so fun, and in a way, i already
    have your wish and wish it onto you, too.

    my wish is kind of silly. my son is intrigued with
    a beautiful young lady who he is hoping to get a
    date with. if she's as wonderful as he hopes, i
    wish him his date!

  13. now that's certainly a very nice wish!!!!! i wish the good lord would keep his hand over my mouth - especially when i shovel in something that i really don't need to be shovelling in. i do NOT need another piece of excess food!!!! boy, seems we eat constantly!

    but i'm sure thankful for the good health in spite of it all.

    hugs :)

  14. hmmm... i wish to have made a difference in someone's life (other than my husband's, because i already know i have made a difference in his).

    i always have a ready "i wish..." on the tip of my tongue...
    i wish to be out of debt
    i wish for ron's health to be better
    i wish for happiness for my children
    i wish i was 30 pounds lighter
    i wish i could retire and just travel with ron
    i wish i could have a makeover - hair, body, clothes, house, etc.

    but, all of those are pretty selfish and some of them just won't happen by "wishing" it so - and some are totally out of my control. it is fun to wish, though and i probably won't give up on daydreaming. never know when something just might come true.

  15. My wish for this Monday is for my good friend Cheryl...I wish for her health...Cheryl is fighting stage 4 breast cancer...Denalee bless you sweet friend...sounds like your weekend was awesome.


  16. my wish for this monday would have to be...the strength to reach out to my friend. i feel like we've been drifting apart ever since she got a new boyfriend. i haven't been making an effort to hang out with her because i feel like she isn't making an effort to do so with me. so, i feel like i need to start being the bigger person here and make a move.

    thanks for posting this! i love make a wish mondays. :)


  17. I wish that all my children would come back to the gospel and be healed. That they would come to know the peace, living a gospel centered life brings. That they would be close enough to see every week, and that we could have big family get togethers, and sing and laugh and play.

  18. Denalee,

    I hope another wish of your is for a bottle of bubbly Roederer Anderson Valley Estate Brut as you are a winner!! Congrats!!Send me your address information!

    Art by Karena

  19. Hello again Denalee!

    I just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment and assure you that I take no offense if comments should be lacking haha.

    You are a very busy individual who brings so much joy to so many people and I treasure any attention that you direct towards me and my blog becasue I know that there are so many other things that are demanding your attention.

    Love You!! <3

  20. This week, I wish that my best friend has a great first week of med school!

  21. Oh my heavens! We have the same wish. Seriously! Acres and cottages and family. I would dream about it for years. It's what brought us to Oklahoma. But that's a story for another day.

    Love it, D!!