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Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Pretties

A big thanks to Joyce for starting Friday Pretties. This week, since I'm visiting my parents I thought I'd walk around their home with a camera to get pictures of some very old pretties.

This old phonograph was owned by my paternal great grandmother ... The records still play!

Pictured to the left are my maternal grandparents, and the frame on the right holds a hair wreath from the combings of this grandma and her siblings made by their mother ... Sounds strange, but its really neat!

The painting above depicts the cows my dad helped raise, and the grandfather clock below belongs to my mother ... Not old, but still a family heirloom.

Below is the wedding chest made for my mom's grandmother over 100 years ago.

These 2 items have always been know. As "the-shelf-that-Dad-built" and "the -desk-that-Dad-built". You'll clearly see the 4s carved in the shelf, identifying it as belonging to me :) hehehehe ... I'm no dummy -even at age 4 I knew how to get what I wanted :)
"Every man is quotation from all his ancestors."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
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  1. What fun items. I would love to hear how the records sound, that scratchy noise mixed in with the music is great!

  2. What a lovely friday pretties..............wishing you a fine weekend and hugs Ria.....

  3. Thanks for sharing these photos- they are so great and I love the glimpse into your parents home- Have a lovely visit and hope it is under a hundred when you return home!

  4. oh these pictures were beautiful

    My husband and I want to get a record player, I love the way records sound!

  5. Oh! I love your photos of these beautiful old objects!!! Very pretty!!!
    I hope you have a happy Pretty Friday, and a wonderful weekend! @}~`}~~~

  6. this is so precious, what a great idea to take pics of these things!

  7. denalee is it too late to send a bird for your mom. i've had so many crazy things going on here that i haven't had time to go get good paper, but still want to do it if there's time. the chef's mom got out of the hospital so maybe i can wheel it this weekend?

    plz let me know if you get the chance.

    thanks and have a great weekend,

  8. Wow, a phonograph! That's amazing.

  9. What Treasures!!! How interesting to see all of that history.
    I didn't know that you were doing Friday Pretties this week and I think I did an Oops. I took your link off. I wanted to let you know so that you could run right over to my blog and link up. :)

    So Happy To See You Today,

  10. Such lovely mom and dad have many treasures as well...I keep on sneaking a piece home everytime I visit..well really they shove it in my car and say please take it HOME..they are trying to down-size. Thank you for the tour today. xoxoox
    {happy weekend}

  11. this is my favorite 'friday pretties' so far - great pictures! i feel like i'm there with you!

  12. i actually remember a phonograph like that. we used to call it a victrola!!! boy i'm getting old - lol!

  13. Wow love it! I am absolutely obsessed with vintage things!


  14. My goodness, that phonograph is so beautiful.

  15. my grandparents have some great stuff too. As a kid I thought it was just all old-people stuff, but now that I'm older I think it's all really cool.

  16. How beautiful! There is something so incredibly connective about family heirlooms. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

  17. That phonograph is so cool and what an amazing family heirloom to have - lovely!

  18. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I've been enjoying browsing yours as well.

    These pictures are beautiful! I love antiques and/or family heirlooms and really enjoyed looking at all of these photos!

    Have a great day!