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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New-Do (week 3)

So, just for fun I thought that each Wednesday I'd post a pic showing the new style I can sport with my hair-growth that week.
(thanks for the idea, Steve-o)
This picture is 3 weeks after the buzz ...
yup, I did actually "style" it with mousse and all. This is because of the HORN produced from a cowlick I didn't ever know I had. As you can see, the mousse didn't do much for the horn. (which, by the way, gets more pronounced with each hour that passes) So stay tuned for next week's reveal - perhaps I'll have 2 horns ...
Can't leave without an inspiration thought:
"The ripple effect of one good person is absolutely immeasurable"
Robert L. Millet


  1. oh i love it! love, love, love it! i wish i could look that fabulous in a do like that! and what a beautiful smile! your inner beauty definitely comes thru! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I agree, you carry off short hair beautifully. ox

  3. Aww, what horn dear? That's just part of your halo.

  4. Oh no, the dreaded horn! I have some too! This is a great cut, shows off your pretty face!

  5. you look sensational! and love the inspirational thought...couldn't agree more! your blog makes me smile....


  6. Oh my goodness, I just watched the vid. How inspiring! Good for you!!!

  7. Denalee, you are gorgeous. inside and out.

    you seriously look great!!!

  8. You look FABULOUS!!! I just adore you!!!!

    Have a wonderful day...

  9. what a generous gift you've given! you look simply beautiful - and your mama does, too!

  10. That hair style really looks great on you!!! I adore your smile:)))
    Kisses my lovely:)

  11. Beautiful! And knowing the reason behind it possibly the most beautiful hair cut I have ever seen.

  12. Wow, Silver Strands, you are awesome. What a powerful bold sacrifice for your mother! I couldn't help but tear up a little watching your video. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  13. Denalee!
    You are a true beauty, inside and out- your You Tube video brought a tear to my eye!

    Thank you for sharing your story- you definitely know the true meaning of love!!!!!!

  14. You look great! And the sparkle in your eye certainly made me smile.
    Thank you for your sweet words on my "stop the world! I want to get on" post. It makes a difference knowing people are out there that understand and take the time to give a lift to each other.
    I hope all is going well with your mom, as we continue to exchange positive energy between all - the world can only become a warmer, happier and wonderful place.

  15. I adore your BLOG!!! Thank you for visiting me. I love your hair..and your sweet smile. You really inspire me...what a sweet sweet daughter you are. I'll be back for sure xoxo

  16. The cut looks fabulous on you! You're absolutely gorgeous!

  17. That's an adorable hairdo! I love it - and how awesome about your wig for your Mom...that is really amazing!

  18. You are so cute! Not many people could pull off hair that short, but you look so pretty.

    I have you down for Friday Pretties! So happy you are joining us.
    See you then,

  19. are absolutely becoming this style is on you. Bless you and your family hon.


  20. Oh my G you look fabulous!! I am so thrilled to get to know you and we will definately talk soon!

    Art by Karena

  21. You totally suit this cut! Thanks so much for the sweet comment, your blog is one of a kind : )


  22. So adorable what a kind gesture for your mom.Lovely!Thanks for the visit, hope to see you soon!

  23. Thank you for visiting my blog...I am returning the visit, with tears in my eyes as I read. I lost my Mom to cancer in 1999...Taking care of her for 9 months was a joy and a privilege! What you have done for your Mom is amazing!!! You are beautiful on the inside an out!
    Stop back by anytime!

  24. You have just made my whole week. I wake up to find a sweet comment left by you on my blog, follow the author to find such a wonderful selfless act that I will remember for such a long time.

    What courage and love!

    You rock the bald and beautiful look by the way. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for making this world better with you selflessness.

  25. You are rockin' that hair lady!

    P.S. I have something for you on my blog!

  26. You look gorgeous. Your inner beauty is blinding.

  27. well aren't you a 'horny' lady! ?....

    wait, that didn't come out right! lol
    you're hair could have burrs stuck in it along with a couple of wouldn't matter any,,,because....

    wait for it....

    because you are a gorgeous woman!

    keep smilin!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  28. what an inspiring thing to do for your mother! and i love the short hair on wear it well!

  29. What a beautiful way to help your mom - she's lucky to have such a great daughter.

    And fyi I think you're rockin the short look!