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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday Pretties

Lest you think I don't appreciate the truly pretty things around me, let me explain why this Friday Pretties includes a picture of my cousin Ben. (yup - I really am related!)
It's not that I think Mr. Franklin is particularly attractive. It's the numbers next to his face.
I'm not a big money lover. In fact, I would love to go back to the barter system and forget about money all-together. BUT today, this money looks especially pretty.
Someday I'll share the details about the mean and (dare I say?) corrupt cops who cited me for something I didn't do. For now let me just say that instead of $678 I had the fine reduced to $297 and it was due today. Desperately not wanting to pull from the money that pays legit bills (things we honestly do owe) I thought long and hard. And yes, I prayed. (I believe our Heavenly Father wants us to pray over everything of concern) Just before going to the bank, and then on to the courthouse, I thought, "shake the piggy bank". "Piggy bank? Who keeps real money in a piggy bank?", you ask. I do. Sometimes. I'd totally forgotten about these 2 $100 bills that have been there for a few months. And as much fun as it would have been to find these right before a shopping splurge, the real beauty is that they were there for a need.
THIS is why Ben is my Friday Pretties this week.
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Another sweet surprise for today: Britni at Antika Moda gave me this LOVELY award! Thank you!!!! (I love your blog too, Britni!)
And I love SO many of your blogs (that's why I follow you!), but I'll pass it on today to:
Sheryl at Simply Sheryl's
Elaine at Clothed Much
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But I also want to say that the truth is that I LOVE all of your blogs ... so please! if you want, grab the award, post it, and pass it on!


  1. Don't you just love henderson/las vegas cops? I've always found them a pleasure =P (Please note the heavy sarcasm!)

  2. I am just imagining a story where you told the cops that you were related to Ben, had your DNA tested, and decided to give you a "discount" on the fine! lol.

    Hey, didn't know you visited the Philippines! I was just reading that over Elaine's blog. I grew up there!

  3. Denalee!
    i've been meaning to comment on your blog for a while! i just finished my final exams today, so i finally have time for the blogger community. from reading your description and watching the video at the top of your page, i just wanted to say that you inspire me so much! everyday, unintentionally, i take a lot of things for granted. you reminded me how small my problems really are, and that i should spend more time doing good for others. :)

    ahh i'm sorry about the fine you had to pay! fines are nasty. i remember one of my friends got several in a row for no reason at all.

    to reply to your comment about rompers-- i know, right! my friend and i were just talking about that today. that would suck if you wore a romper while camping, and had to use the bathroom outside. haha, well now we both know not to do that.

    one last thing, thank you sooo much for all of the sweet comments you have been leaving on my blog! they are all so genuine, and i love reading them. keep up the good work on your blog! i'll be looking forward to indulging more of your posts!


  4. I love re-finding long lost treasures. Sadly, I almost never re-find the money I lose...

  5. What a great story, and what a great answer to prayer!

  6. Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog! I love the message behind your blog. That video of you cutting off your hair is too cool. I look forward to reading your older posts and learning more about about you and your misson xoxo

  7. Beautiful story !! i was earlier on your blog i read of your mom.i am so sorry for her! ...i go further because i thought it is to much pain.....we lost just a friend ...and his father is now on his way to die.......and a other friend of us has chemo right now......and my best friend must monday to the hospital for two moles removing them .. she had earlier cancer................ too much...............but totday i am strong ! and i will follow you......i will pray for your mom...........and hope that their wil be a miracle for her !!

    I relly like the award.........if you will follow me too i put in on my blog !! hahahahahah!! have a happy day and weekend hugs from me Ria

  8. Finding money, exactly when you need it is so rewarding. I always love putting on winter jackets for the first time, delving into pockets and finding what I left there. I found two 20 dollar bills once, but have never come close to $200. Happy days. ox

  9. boo for fines :( but that is amazing that you found that money!

  10. First of all, I love how God hears our prayers not only in the Big requests, but also in the smaller ones. He is so personal!

    Secondly, I really want to hear the whole story.

    Congrats on your award, you so deserve it!

    Have a Pretty, Pretty Friday, and I really hope that you find two more of those pretty bills so that you can go on a shopping splurge!

    Praying for your Mom,

  11. Golly gee blog awards Batman! THANK YOU for including me in your esteemed list. I am so happy to have recently discovered your blog and delighted you enjoy mine. Have a super and "fine-free" weekend. I sure will now!

  12. Prayers always have a way of being answered Denalee, especially to those who most deserve the assistance.

    and I Love Your Blog as well!

  13. Awww Denalee, you are too sweet, even when "stuff" is happening! Thank you so much, I will gladly display the banner with pride, because it came from you! May the Gods of naughty police send lightening bolts to put them in their place.;-)
    It is nice to know that Heavenly Father knows what we will need long before we do, and inspires us to do things to be prepared.
    Here's to a wonderful Friday! May you be invisible to all police out there.....:-)

  14. Hey, come visit my blog, I am hosting a new giveaway. I wish I had the ability to stash money. My husbabnd is good at it, but I seem to always find a use for it when I get it. Come say hi!

  15. Man I wish I could re-find some money right about now!

    Have a great weekend Denalee!

  16. It is great that you had the fine reduced and you had hidden money that helped you get through this need. I may like to buy lots of pretty things, but I also am a woman with bills and so I understand that they need to come first in priority.
    Pretty Friday it is!

  17. What a cool testimony "shake the piggy bank". I love it when God reveals things like that. I reminds me not to worry. I hate that often I need to be reminded of that, but I love seeing how He works it.

  18. I can't even imagine you getting cited for anything, so I can't wait to hear this! God works in mysterious ways, finding those two babies, doesn't he!!!!! love deb xOxO

  19. Perfect pretty pretty Friday, Denalee! I really love your name ^_^

  20. Boy, your cop story sounds crazy interesting!! But forgetting and then remembering the money in your piggy bank, it's like finding a few bucks in your pocket... it's exciting!! And you're right, it was there for a reason. You might as well use it!

  21. i love 'pretty' miraculous stories like that!!

  22. Thats wonderful you found just what you needed, now don't forget to replenish as soon as you can, so the next time you want to go on a shopping spree, they will be there ;)

    Chic on the Cheap

  23. I love it when God leads us right to the areas everyday in our lives where he wants us to be (and see)! He is like that! :)
    Have a very happy "pretty" Friday! Congrats on your award!!
    Saying a prayer for you and your family too. :)

  24. What a happy surprise to a frustrating experience. Helps to take the sting away from those who are ridiculous enough not to have compassion and a sense of morality.

  25. Hmmmmmm, maybe I need to start feeding my piggy bank!

  26. Great story and blessing. Hugs for a happy weekend my friend..I need to start checking my coat pockets...I usually find some money from last winter. xoxoxoo

  27. Oh yes "found money" is a very Pretty sorry it did not go for a more pleasurable treat...but thankfully He provides for our EVERY need...such a lovely site. Happy to have found you last week when you stopped by for a visit...may the weekend only get on Rosie

  28. that is so fantastic! and perfect timing!

    there is nothing worse than having to pay fines, it's just money that isn't going anywhere useful, especially when you have bills to pay. maybe next time, forgotten money will pop up when you can spend it on something a little nicer :)