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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

today i love ...

Flip Flops!

who doesn't love flip-flops when summer finally arrives? in guam they're called zories. i used to babysit 3 little kids who now all call flip-flops zories. they've moved, and i have to wonder if we've started a trend ... will all their friends start calling them zories too?

... and sheesh! it's in the mid 90s today - way too HOT for cooking inside, so today i love grilled veggies on the barbie!

... and on a day like today i absolutely love my flower skirt.

i'm really, truly excited to hear from you ... what is it that YOU love today?

PS ... this is my last night with my
silver strands ... they come off tomorrow night! I'm so excited and
can't wait to share the event with you. We'll have my grown kids on skype participating from afar. My husband and 3 kids at home will perform the "shearing"
*wish me calmness*


  1. Shearing?? You are going bald? It's surprising how much your hair looks like mine. About the same level of graying. It's nice to find other people like me. :)

  2. Oops, I just read your profile I get it! That's a great service~! My problem is that I can't stand my hair long, so I don't know if I could stand to let it grow. :) My daughter just donated some of her hair though, it got quite long. I think the shape of your face will look really good with a shaved head. I bet it will look cute!

  3. Cute skirt and good luck! Enjoy your hair before it's gone!

  4. I love playing Yahtzee on my cell phone! Haha. Can't wait to see pictures from the big event!!

  5. Flip-flops and roasted veggies... sounds like perfect weather! I'm very impressed by your 'Silverstrand Decision'. What a lovely support for your mum. Good luck for tomorrow!

  6. I love flip-flops ( they are a must in summer) and the skirt is very cute!
    I love today...The lunch my Balazs made for me:)...( he was so busy today).

  7. Love the flip-flop's...I where them when it gets warm...I have alot of hair...maybe I should do this when it is longer...I will think about this for sure.
    You have a sweet nature...I am so glad we found each other. Hugs, Mary

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  9. opps. try again! I love my thongs ( what we call flip flops!) and that skirt is just divine!!!