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Monday, May 24, 2010


See my Mom's goregeous silver strands? I've always loved my Mom's hair. It was a little sad for me to see it go. BUT ... knowing the surpise soon coming, my anticipation outweighed my sadness.


It was a busy day, so we still need to get it all fluffed-n-stuff, but here it is - straight out of the box and onto Mom's beautiful head. I was anxious to see the comparison here. I had thought my hair was so much whiter ... look at all the dark strands! But still, a pretty good match, wouldn't you say?

The wig came from an amazing place: Savvy Sheitels The people there are really wonderful - sensitive, smart, easy to talk with. They totally worked with me to get this high-quality wig at a reasonable price. They understood the whole sentimentality of it. And look! Even without any work at all, the wig is gorgeous.

Now, something to think about:
"If we are to walk with head held high, we must make our contribution to life."
Thomas S. Monson
At this stage of my life, this statement is synonymous with Mom.
What does this quote mean to you?
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  1. Girlfriend, I cannot read your posts without turning into a blubbering mess.

    Your parents are beautiful people. Look at the daughter they raised.

    Going to cry some more now...

  2. Thank you for stopping by blog and yours is very touching. Thank you for being awesome. We need more people like you, who give back and continue to find inspiration everywhere.


  3. those silver strands are stunning, even moreso because your mother is so lovely! that's a great adage, too, and it does seem to fit this situation pretty perfectly!

  4. Oh the wig turned out perfect!!! I am so happy for your Mom!!! What a good daughter you are!!!

    Walking with our head held difficult at throws us into some directions we are not ready for...thus we learn and we pass on goodness....from our mistakes and hard times....growth emerges!!!

  5. i like it! she looks great!

    that is a good me it says...

    when we live a meaningful life, we carry ourselves happily and proudly....
    and can therefore hold our heads up high and feel good about living!

    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

  6. Oh my goodness, your mum looks so good! It looks like the wig has turned out perfectly - such a fantastic and kind idea, Denalee. :)

  7. What a beautiful wig! And what a beautiful gesture!

  8. Yay! Your mom must be so proud to have you as a daughter. What a beautiful wig!

  9. Gorgeous! Wow, your hair looks good on her! They did a really beautiful job.

    I think making our contribution to the world means using our talents, whatever they may be, to bless the lives of others. When we serve with love we are using a measure of what we've been given, and it returns to us 10 fold. Then our confidence will wax strong in the presence of God . . . and we will walk with our heads held high.

  10. This photo literally made me cry. Your mom is so beautiful. Although I don't know you or your family personally. I have already come to love you all.

    .... and you are so right, if we don't contribute to our lives and the lives of others, how can we walk tall and be proud of our actions?

  11. Wow, it looks great! She is beautiful :)

  12. your mom looks gorgeous!
    you are an inspiration for sacrificing of yourself for your mom. it was well worth it! the wig looks perfect :)

    ps. to me- contributing to the world means being present. there. in the moment. genuine in all you do.

  13. Oh dear, so touching. The wig is beautiful, on so many levels...

  14. She looks beautiful! And you are the best....So touching....It’s so important to contribute, make sure to give back and be there for people...Have a wonderful day my lovely :)

  15. holy moly! is mom gorgeous or what????? wow! the wig is fabulous!! but it's her heart & soul that'll keep it looking NATURAL! FABULOUS!

  16. thanks for the comment

  17. What an exciting blessing!!! I think it looks absolutely beautiful!

  18. It is beautiful!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what it looks like "fluffed" if it looks that great out of the box!

  19. She is my dear sweet friend who will get thru this experience with her smile and postive attitude.

  20. I think your mom looks beautiful with the wig. If you didn't say it was a wig I would never have guessed. =)