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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

these shoes were made for walkin'

I'm in the McCarren Airport, Las Vegas right now ... gate C23. I got here early enough before my flight that I have a prime seat. End, facing out toward the walkway, rather than facing another person. Anyone else feel uncomfortable facing other people who pretend you're not there? So as I sit watching the pair after pair of shoes move along, I've made some interesting observations.

Obviously, some people care WAY more about fashion than comfort. Some don't know anything about fashion. Some put a lot of time and effort into looking like they don't care about fashion, but really do.

Some try to be fashionable but just can't pull it off - they go a little over the edge (like the sequined Ugg boots that just walked past me). Some are obviously from cold-weather places, returning home with a need to show off the fact they were in the warm desert (they're in flip-flops, shorts and tank tops).

Some are from Vegas and may be over prepared for the cooler climate they're traveling to (fur from head to foot). Some are zipping through the aisles, purposeful and energetic - but not like they're crazy late. Some are obviously passing time - like the sequined Ugg boot lady who just walked past me for the 3rd time. And the ones that makes me stifle a giggle are those who are obviously in pain from the ridiculously high heels and tight toes - taking such small strides it could take them hours to get to their gates - looking like they're limp-sprinting over hot coals.

If I had to vote foot-wear for popularity in airports, the comfort-cute would win, followed closely by comfort-ugly. Next are ridiculous-hideous-not-quite-fashionable. Finally, the truly fashionable come in last - because to be truly fashionable the wearer must appear to be comfortable in them.

This was more entertaining than watching TV, but it's time to board now. Can't wait to see what the people in row 17 are wearing on their feet!

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